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All Photos and research by Gary Schrader

The E1 A and B Units were modeled representing the late 1940s through early 1950s before they were rebuilt into E8m's in 1952-1953. From right after delivery in 1937 until about 1942, there were minor cosmetic changes to these units every year. Modeling anything before 1942 would have restricted their accuracy to a year or less. After 1942, few changes happened except for the wartime headlight shields during WWII. The post delivery changes incorporated into these models are as follows:

1. The first two variants on the coupler cover doors were replaced by a raised box with the doors on it.
2. Pilot steps were added.
3. A pilot hatch was added to allow access to the passenger steam line.
4. A small number board was added over the windshields.
5. The small nose number boards were painted over.
6. A large engine number was added to the side of the A Unit.
7. The smaller air horn was replaced by a second large Leslie Tyfon air horn pointing to the rear.
8. The bell was moved to the top of the roof behind the air horns.
9. Small wind wings were added to the side of the cab just ahead of the side windows.
10. Cut lever handles were added to the pilot.

Coloring schemes were particularly hard for the builder to keep straight as the Santa Fe kept changing what they wanted with each new model. The Warbonnet stayed pretty much the same except for the longer horizontal bands of the cigar band herald on the E1, but each model saw changes to what was silver painted vs what was stainless steel.

E1 - All stainless steel body with silver skirts and window frames.
E3 - Stainless steel sides and window frames with silver roof, ends, side doors, intake vent trim, and skirts.
E6 - Stainless steel sides and skirts with silver roof and ends.
All these differences are pointed out on the photos.
Gary Schrader Photo